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Smart Equipment
RFID aviation baggage tag
  • Laxcen RFID aviation baggage tags are suitable for aviation baggage. They are passive UHF RFID tags that can be attached to the baggage carrier in a loop or directly attached to the baggage surface. The built-in chip in the RFID tag records the baggage tag number, flight number, date, destination and other information. After the baggage is identified by the RFID reading device, the current location of the baggage will be automatically collected in the database, thus realizing the transportation of the baggage accurately tracked during the whole process. L92 type: M4QT chip, 495.65*51mm, aviation baggage tag. L76U type: U8 chip, 495.65*51mm, aviation baggage tag. L7(A) type: M5 chip, 76*38mm, suitable for sticking on the suitcase directly; L68 type: M4 chip, 68*44mm, aviation baggage tag.

Desktop label encoding device
  • LX-AITR-03 desktop label encoding device is a special RFID device for barcode encoding developed by Laxcen. Incorporating powerful UHF reading and writing functions, it has better sensitivity and be helpful to achieve more accurate and faster data writing. After scanning the barcode with the barcode scanner and reading the RFID tag, the information such as barcode shape, date and other information will be written into the RFID tag, and the data will be reported to the data center after writing successfully. Suitable for the baggage exit length: 10~25 inches; Suitable for the maximum printing speed: 50cm/s The success rate of baggage tag encoding: over 99.9%; Support RFID chip information writing when multiple luggage tags are continuously printed, and the content of the RFID chip writing information can be adjusted; Provide equipment online operation monitoring function; provide equipment running log automatically; Side hinge design, easy to tear off the baggage tag; No need screw fixed for installation and can be deployed quickly; Able to switch equipment installation mode quickly, and adapt to the operating habits of left and right hands;

RFID baggage sorting and collection channel machine
  • The RFID baggage sorting and collection channel machine can be installed on the baggage conveyor belt, which can be used as the front unit of the baggage security inspection and baggage sorting device. When the baggage case with RFID tag passes through the conveyor belt detection mechanism, the system automatically reads the RFID tag information and captures the luggage photos at the same time. The system automatically binds the luggage information and records the detailed information of the checked luggage. This RFID baggage sorting collection channel adopts the form of portal frame, simple structure and convenient for installation. It supports self-monitoring for equipment operation, which can guarantee the integrity of collected data of baggage.

Life jacket label
  • LX-C90G life jacket label is suitable for aviation life jacket security protection. It is a passive UHF RFID tag that can be pasted on the seal of the life jacket bag. The built-in chip in the RFID label records the production date, pickup date, machine number, seat number, crew leader, replacement date and other information of the life jacket. After the life jacket is recognized by the RFID reading device, the data information of the life jacket will be automatically collected In the database. So that it can be realized as sealing inspection, beyond shelf life inspection, traceability, etc. When the expiry date is written into the label, the life jacket bag will become invalid when opened; Reading tags from a long distance, without touching one by one, improving efficiency; Graphical display, accurately locate the problem life jacket The real-time data can be uploaded to the background, clear responsibility management. With anti-transfer function, it will automatically become valid upon opening the seal;

UHF smart handheld reader
  • LX-RE-1303 UHF smart handheld reader is a mobile intelligent wireless communication PDA that integrates data acquisition, data processing, wireless transmission, UHF scanning speed measurement and other functions. It combines the functions of powerful UHF reading and writing, with better sensitivity to achieve more accurate and faster data acquisition. It adopts Android operating system, equipped with high-performance processor, with long battery life, and support one-dimensional/two-dimensional barcode scanning. It has the functions of mobile communication, Bluetooth, GPS and so on. It has a unique modular design, and customized functions can be expanded according to user’s requirement. It is widely used in the fields of asset management, clothing inventory, vehicle management, high way toll, warehouse management, financial management and so on.

RFID wearable reader
  • LX-AiW is a miniature RFID wearable reading device developed by Laxcen. This product can be directly attached to the arm and triggered by finger buttons. It is convenient to carry with a light weight. The palm can be almost completely released for other activities in the using process (such as carrying). The data that LX-AiW can collect includes one-dimensional and two-dimensional (1D and 2D) barcodes and ultra-high frequency (UHF) RFID tag information. It supports real-time processing mode or batch processing mode to transmit data via Bluetooth or USB. The data collected from LX-AiW supports in-depth processing of external devices with multiple types of operating systems. It is suitable for different environments to make data collection functions, including but not limited to medical, aviation, warehouses, production lines, logistics transportation and tracking, access control, etc.