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Smart disinfection robot
  • LX-LB-SM201 Smart Disinfection Robot is equipped with a high performance laser SLAM positioning and navigation system. Combined with vision and other multi-sensor fusion algorithms, it has the functions of autonomous positioning, path planning and smart navigation, etc. It can achieve no dead angle disinfection by ultraviolet light and atomized disinfectant, with high disinfection rate. Equipped with front and rear two-way camera, it can support multi-user and multi-terminal real-time remote viewing.

RFID smart inventory robot
  • LX-LB-SM401 RFID smart inventory robot is developed by Laxcen Technology on the basis of many years of RFID technology application practice, in-depth research and analysis of books and archives management, combined with smart robot technology, laser scanning technology, RFID technology, cloud computing and big data computing. It can achieve the works of automatic sorting, scanning, etc for books and archives. According to the remote scanning route and operation strategy made by the library staff, the inventory robot can work after the library closed at night. The inventory data will be uploaded to the cloud platform through 4G or WIFI network. And it can achieve data reports such as the conditions of books are in wrong bookshelf, books are not in the bookshelf and books are in the bookshelf via big data calculation. With novel design, stable operation, the inventory robot is a high-performance inventory assistant.

AGV smart archives capture robot
  • The AGV smart archives capture robot has the function of putting archives on shelves automatically. After receiving the task in the file handover window, it will notify the robot to take the archives. It can take 4 archives simultaneously at a time, calculate the optimal route, and complete the archives placement. Function of putting archives off the shelves automatically. The administrator send the task command in office or by mobile terminal, the robot will capture the archives after receiving the command. It can take 4 archives simultaneously at a time, and put the archives in the handover window, inform the user to pick up the archives. Function of automatic inventory, it can inventory the necessary archives racks in the specified time and route according to the user setting. Function of safety inspection, it has high-definition camera for remote monitoring and viewing. Function of power management, when the power is low, it will return to charge automatically. One button to start, one button to close, with a touch screen for easy operation. The running status and the data collection results of the robot can be viewed remotely through the mobile terminal device.