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Laxcen Technology, founded in 2012, is one of the leading suppliers of IOT products and solutions. Powered by industry's elite R/D team, state-of-the-art manufacturing plants and global partners. We provide end-to-end products and turn-key solutions to over 1500 customers from more than 50 countries around the world.
Laxcen's product lines cover a wide spectrum of IOT applications that include RFID hardwares, Robots and solutions for retail, aviation, healthcare, libraries, archives, etc.


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When the automobile is assembled, the main purpose is to transmit the real-time production data and quality monitoring data collected from all kinds of automobile production lines to the material management, production scheduling, quality assurance and other relevant departments, so as to better realize the functions of raw material supply, production scheduling, sales service, quality monitoring and vehicle life-long quality tracking. Before the application of RFID technology, bar code is the main way to store car body information. The advantages of bar code identification method are flexible configuration and low system cost. But because the body information is stored in PLC (programmable controller) or PMC (production and material control) database, so the speed and reliability of network communication are very high. It requires high-performance PLC, large capacity database and high-speed PMC host.



In recent years, the research and application of Smart Library Based on the Internet of things have developed rapidly. The RFID intelligent library system independently developed by our company is mainly composed of six sub systems: label conversion system, intelligent book borrowing and returning system, intelligent counting car system, intelligent access control detection system, 24-hour book returning system and remote monitoring system. And the appeal subsystem is connected with the library card system, library management system and other systems to realize data interconnection and functional interaction. Each subsystem contains the corresponding hardware and software functions, which simplifies the process of borrowing and returning books, improves the circulation efficiency, greatly reduces the workload of book inventory and search, and changes the disconnection between borrowing management and security anti omission process Improve the job satisfaction of library staff, improve the satisfaction of readers



Under the stimulation of multiple internal and external demands, improving the level of luggage check-in has become the key work of major airlines. The sorting process plays a key role in the shipping process. Lixin technology adds an RFID electronic tag on each aviation related object to realize the unique identification of identity table. It can be used flexibly in many systems.



In daily medical activities, we do use patient identification all the time, including the use of bedside identification card that records the patient's condition, making the patient wear hospital clothes and so on. Hospital staff often use words like "patients in bed 10, taking medicine" to guide patients to receive various treatments. Unfortunately, these methods often lead to wrong identification results, and even medical accidents. In fact, we have not really used the correct and effective patient identification to reduce medical malpractice and improve medical management.

Electric Power


When the tower is just built, some fixed attributes of the tower are written into the label in advance, such as the construction time, tower number, etc. at the same time, the longitude and latitude information of the tower can be recorded by using the GPS positioning device, and these information can also be written into the label as fixed attributes. After each tower maintenance, the staff carry a handheld reader (usually a handheld computer embedded with a read-write module, which is basically the same as the reader) to write the relevant maintenance information into the tag.

Retail and Supply Chain


The goal of intelligent warehouse management system is to establish a set of fast channel based on RFID technology, realize the warehouse storage statistics, send and receive goods high-speed automatic record. The system takes RFID middleware as the platform, and configures multiple processes such as warehousing, inventory, warehouse transfer and warehouse out. The warehouse itself pastes the corresponding RFID tags on the warehouse location and container, and then pastes the corresponding tags on each finished product. When entering and leaving the warehouse, the information of the three can be automatically collected, bound and unlocked by reading devices (handheld devices, fixed devices, or RFID transformation of forklifts). During the inventory period, the warehouse keeper can read the inventory information by handheld devices or readers To ensure the accuracy of relevant information while realizing fast inventory

Bank and City Service


In recent years, the research and application of smart city based on Internet of things has developed rapidly. The RFID smart city solutions independently developed by our company mainly include: intelligent filing cabinet, electronic license plate system, intelligent laboratory system, RFID certificate anti-counterfeiting, public security material evidence management and a series of smart city related solutions.